One of the largest-ever temporary venues built for any Olympics or Paralympics, the 12,000-capacity Basketball Arena is the third-largest venue in the Olympic Park and will host events every day of both Games. Located in the north of the Olympic Park, it took just three months to erect the 1,000-tonne steel frame in spring 2010, but construction on the site began in October 2009 before being completed within budget in June 2011 at a cost of 40m. The frame is covered with stretched white material which can be used for light projections in the evenings. Although it is a temporary structure, it is one of the most eye-catching venues of London 2012 and shares a 'backstage' area with the Velodrome and BMX Track. For the Paralympics, the Basketball Arena has been transformed to host the Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Rugby events before being taken down, with parts expected to be reused or relocated elsewhere in the UK.