Halloween in London 2016

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Dinner at the Twits

Chris Barlow and Lizzy Dive as Mr and Mrs Twit. Photo: Rah Petherbridge Photography


The fright fest of Halloween is upon us, when ghouls, ghosts, witches and warlocks come out to spook the living and the living dress up like the undead. Fake blood, fancy dress and trick-or-treat are traditional but there's plenty going on in the city if you really want to scare yourself silly.

Halloween for Kids in London Halloween for Kids in London

Some of the Halloween events taking place in the capital can be a bit too much for young ones (and some old one...

London Halloween Performances and Screenings London Halloween Performances and Screenings

Halloween is a great excuse to roll out some classic horror movies from years gone by and if you've got a favou...

Halloween Dining in London Halloween Dining in London

Unless you're a brain-guzzling zombie or sweet-guzzling trick or treater, Halloween most likely won't conjure u...

Halloween Nightlife in London Halloween Nightlife in London

This Halloween there will be plenty of things going bump in the night. Once the sun goes down the city comes to...

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